What are you reading this week?

Discussion in 'Independents' started by admin, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. No independents this week for me! o_O
  2. Not really Independents, but my non DC, Marvel and Image pulls this week were all from Dark Horse:
    1. Black Hammer #2
    2. Briggs Land #1
    I will most likely be doing a review on both fo these at my blog sometime this weekend. Feel free to check it out at The Cole Spot
  3. Will do.
  4. Just read XOC from my August Comic Bento box. While it wasn't something great for me. I think it'll be a good intro graphic novel for children, and animal lovers.
  5. Are you going to continue with the Bento boxes?
  6. i got the six month run so I am in it for 5 more. I will make a better assessment afterwords. I am hoping the made for TV is a better one. However I got into to read new stuff for my blog, so it's still pretty okay.
  7. That's a decent way to get to read a variety of stuff.
  8. Just read a new one called The Magician by an Independent called fifth dimension comics. It was a great story and I am hoping they make a follow up. Nothing like seeing a true indie book that rocks!
  9. Did you pick it up at ypur local shop?
  10. I actually had it sent to me from the writer.

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