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    Hi everyone and welcome to the Star Wars: Destiny Marketplace, Tigr Tigr’s home to Star Wars Destiny Buy/Sell/Trade.
    These are the Rules:

    1. Buying, Selling, and Trading is only allowed for FFG Star Wars games and gaming accessories for said games. You may list other FFG products as long as you include Destiny related products on the other side of the transaction. You also do so at your own risk, Tigr Tigr is not held responsible for any sales and/or trades that utilize this group. Please use tracking for protection and DON'T use the gift option unless you accept the chance you could get scammed. If you do a transaction please use the Trading Feedback option on this post if the transaction is successful so transactions can be recorded. If you are the buyer you are responsible for leaving feedback for your seller. If a trade happens both people must leave feedback.

    2) Our Negative feedback policy is as followed
    Negative feedback:

    What is it?
    Negative feedback is the most extreme feedback that you could leave for someone. It should be reserved for the worst situations and shouldn't be used lightly.

    What constitutes it?
    Negative feedback should be left if a problem has arrived that resulted in the party that is leaving the feedback a loss in currency or product without resolution. Before this feedback is left both parties should try to find a resolution.

    All negative feedback details will be viewable in the trading section for others to review.

    3. Links to Ebay listing are allowed. Be aware that you will be going away from Tigr Tigr, any transaction conducted isn't protected by Tigr Tigr and the administrative staff.

    4. NO blocking of admin(s). We need to be able to contact you in case there is a dispute. Blocking an administrator is grounds for an instant ban.

    5. Be respectful. Be respectful of each other opinion, presence, and taste in things

    6. No Nudity or excessive Swearing allowed.

    8. The admins reserve the right to edit/add to these rules, ban anyone for any reason, and/or delete posts as they see fit. Please respect them.
  2. For Sale: $1.00 Singles

    Scramble -161 (2)
    Awakening - 124
    Separatist Base - 173 (3)
    First Order Tie Fighter - 6
    My Kind Of Scum - 100
    Unpredictable -162
    Street Informants - 136 (2)
    Boundless Ambition-80
    Block - 153
    Hit and Run - 106
    Smuggling -134
    Go For The Kill -96
    Let The Wookie Win -130
    Surgical Strike -112
    Dodge - 155
    Jedi Robes - 40

    PM me for more information!
  3. New cards are added as I get them. Trades are always accepted!

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